Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Callie is here!

She’s here! Delivered on 07/12/18 at 9:11am via repeat c-section. My delivery was a bit rough, after they took her out I started to feel the surgery, so they had to drug me up quiet a bit (rather than put me under general anesthesia). Callie came out screaming and had wonderful apgars, she weighed 7lbs 4oz and is 19.5 inches long. 

My recovery was going smoothly until 24 hours post op when I started to vomit. I had no lower bowel sounds from all the drugs I received my bowels were still asleep. So I ended up back on IVF, quiet dehydrated and felt just aweful. Slowly after a little bowel rest and walking around I was able to start clear fluids by mouth and things started to move down. But let me tell you vomiting on a fresh incision was the worst pain I could I imagine! I was very close to having to stay another night but ended up coming home the night of 07/15/18. 

I’m happy to be home with everyone. My wife has been an amazing support person in and out of the hospital. Reese is adjusting well to her big sister role. And baby Callie, needs to gain weight instead of lose! We took her to her first pediatrician appointment and she lost 10% of birth weight, so we will go back tomorrow for another weight check. Hoping for good news! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

38 weeks!

Happy 4th! Going to spend he day with family and friends at my moms pool... pretty much over this heat wave though! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

37 weeks

Reese is certainly a sassy little girl 😂

Well, we made it to 37 weeks!! 15 days until our scheduled csection which got moved tot he morning thankfully! So unless my water breaks or I go into labor Callie will be here on July 12th! 

Monday, June 18, 2018

35.5 weeks

Time has slowed down a bit which I feel like is typical of late pregnancy! Last week my sister and Mom had a sprinkle for Callie. We had a great time and we are so blessed with generous friends and family! 

This morning I had my first NST and all went well! 

I definitely dropped and I feel her head in my pelvis! I never had that with my first! My csection date is 7/12/18 at 3pm. They were “able to accommodate” me, how nice! Haha so if nothing happens before then Callie will be a July 12th baby. C and I have discussed about what we would do if I went into labor. And with my cardiac history neither of us feel it’s worth attempting a vaginal delivery (VBAC). We shall see! So soon yet so far away! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

34 weeks!

34 weeks with Callie Marie! Our next appointment is Monday, we will have an US & OB visit. I do have to say I am a bit frustrated with the practice we are at. They told me to select three days between my 39th & 40th week of pregnancy for a repeat c-section. So I selected July 11th, 12th or 13th. I got a call from the scheduler saying that all of those dates have no availability. So I asked the woman if I could give her other dates and her reply was, “no, I will have to wait and see if people deliver sooner or if we can squeeze you in.” 

Well, that makes me feel great. I mean I know obviously if my water breaks or if I go into labor they’ll have to address it. But it makes me feel uneasy to know that it’s all up in the air when I could have easily gotten a date and had something to look forward to going into a major surgery. 

Anyway over all this pregnancy has been great, I really can not complain. Compared to my first pregnancy with all of my cardiac arrhythmias issues, hypertension and the fluid gain in the end this pregnancy is a breeze. Just started to get to the really uncomfortable stage, you know were you feel like you may explode every time you try to put shoes on! And this week started left side sciatica which stinks but it’s not the end of the world. 

My sister and my mom are throwing Chris and I a “baby sprinkle” this Sunday, I am very excited for that! We are just about ready for her entrance. A few more odds and ends for the nursery etc plus she needs a little more time to grow in there! 

I’ll update again soon with pictures of her nursery, until next time! 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

33.5 weeks, playing catch up! 

Time flew by between my last update and now! We made it through the first trimester and now the second! I did have a few spotting scares but she is strong and healthy!

We took a Disney trip for my birthday in January! It was awesome! And we took pregnancy announcement photos there! 

Our anatomy scan went well! No issues, and had a clean fetal ECHO as well! 

Felt so relieved to reach "viability!"

We took one final Disney trip before baby girls arrival! April was a wonderful time to go! We had such a blast for our little "last hoorah," before baby!

We did a mommy and me boudoir as a surprise for Chris’s birthday! She loved it!

Look at those lips!! 😍

I did take a 33 week picture, I’ll do a better update later!