Dirty details ;)

Okay so here is the big reveal... all the sticky details of how I met my wife. And where we both came from. Everyone get ready to put their judgement hats on.... because it is a bit scandalous.

First I will give you a bit of a background story for myself and for my wife, Chris.

Brittany (Me):
I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. My home situation wasn't always the most stable. My biological father had drug/alcohol addictions, which forced my mother to basically be a single mother of three young children. My older brother (now 31) has a different father but my father sort of adopted him when he was a baby. Then came my older sister (now 27), her and I share the same father. Then me, now 24. At the ages 5-7 my two neighborhood friends (Lauren and Danielle) and I were molested by my friend's (Danielle) father. It went on for a little while before we were old enough to understand that this wasn't normal. My friend Lauren and I started to talk about it and finally told her father who was a police officer.... and well, it all went down from there. My life was turned upside after this for a little while. My mother and father got divorced. My whole neighborhood judged my family because of what happened. My mom met a few new guys and finally settled with one. We moved to a better neighborhood and switched schools. My mom remarried and got pregnant with my younger brother (now 14). By this time I would say I was still a bit damaged but I was so much better off then before. Time did heal... and honestly I feel like as a child counseling made things worse. I felt like I could not move forward because I was continually being forced to talk about this shitty situation in my past. Once I stopped counseling I felt so relieved. I was in seventh grade by now and had every other weekend visits with my drug addict father, whom I idolized at the time. It was hard for me to understand everything because I was always such a daddy's girl. The visitation slowly stopped by high school I rarely heard from my father, let alone saw him. I loved my high school years! I was cheerleading captain, student counsel president, you name it I did it. I always thought I am just too busy to date. But deep down I had this fear of boys. I had one serious relationship with a guy at the age of 15. I lost my V card to him (only once lol). And his grandmother walked in! Lol things didn't workout with him and I am happy to say he was the only guy that I let in.... lol both physically and mentally. Then I started to switch gears... did I like girls? YES I DID. At the age of 18 I came out in high school. My family was fairly shocked... but as supportive as they could be in that state. I sometimes question... Why am I a lesbian? Is it because I was sexually abused as a child? Who knows but anyway... In high school i got my first job at Sesame Place as a lifeguard and slowly moved up each season to a supervisor position. Why am I telling you this? You'll see soon. After high school I moved out with several girlfriends that I had and I went to school for nursing.......

She was born and raised in Langhorne/Levittown, PA. Chris had more stability as far as home life. Her mother's side of the family was distanced from her because of a falling out between her parents and her grandparents. Her parents had her brother and then her two years apart. Chris is now 30 years old. Her brother is currently living in Hawaii and moved out at a young age to go join the army. Chris moved out at the age of 18 as well. Her parents did not help much with her college education so she pretty much did it all on her own. Slowly but surely she got to nursing school. In between Chris never had serious relationships with guys. She has physical connections with guys but never emotionally. Like me she did let one guy in and it didn't work out. Chris was in denial about being a lesbian until about the age of 25. She dated a few women at this point and got settled in her career. Ironically enough her first boss was actually her mother's sister and she didn't know it! Now they have a great relationship and she is much closer to her mother's side of the family these days. Unfortunately, her mother passed away almost two years ago from chronic illnesses. As you can imagine this was not easy for Chris, or me.

Now here comes the irony!!

So three years ago I (Brittany) was in my first year of nursing school. I got an extern nursing position at a local hospital. Little did I know my manager was Chris's aunt. And I was actually the boss of her aunt's son at Sesame Place. So as I started my job there were many patients I will always remember but one I will never forget was actually Chris's mother! She was a frequent flyer on my floor because she was very sick. At this point I still didn't meet Chris! Months pass and this very cute ER nurse brings a patient to my floor. The patient happened to be a drunk butthead. Chris not even knowing it was flirting with me by saying to the patient, "Now you behave yourself, for this pretty lady!"

Now... here is the scandalous part. I was at the time engaged to a woman. But I was so unhappy and very mistreated. My ex was an alcoholic and I was not about the repeat what my mother had to go through with my father. Things were falling apart for me. So I was very interested in Chris and began to investigate a bit. I pursued her friends and we planned a big gay outing. Now at this point I knew she was married... to another woman. But I also knew she was very unhappy like I was. Her ex wife was never around and too busy to make time for Chris.

Now all that being said.... this does not justify what we did. We had an affair. The best and only affair of my life lol. But it was emotionally trying for us at the same time. We still had to end things with our ex's if we wanted us to work. And that we did. It was tough and we both felt guilty even though we were very unhappy for a long time. We still felt they didn't deserve what we did. But what was done was done. And that's how we became an item. I fell fast and hard for Chris and she did the same for me. I knew she was my soul mate and I wasn't going to let her get away. I wanted her to be mine. And I got what I wanted :).

On December 11, 2011 Chris proposed to me at our favorite park, on our favorite trail with our puppy :)! I was shocked. She carved our names on a tree and I was still clueless! I loved that she carved our names, I thought it was adorable.

Then passed another tree and a little more hidden were the words "Will U Marry Me"And she got down on one knee. I was crying and shocked! I said yes, obviously!

On November 30, 2012 we got married in NYC. 


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