Our TTC Journey

October 2011

- We decided how we wanted to go about adding children to our family 

November 2011
- The extreme saving began 
- The extreme planning and research began 

March 2012
- Explored the idea of a known sperm donor 
- Then changed our mind and decided to go with a cryobank 
- Scheduled a consult with RMA to learn more about Reciprocal IVF and set a timeline 

October 2012 
- We choose our sperm donor and purchased the sperm for storage (California Cryobank) 

January 2013
- Changed medical insurance in order to offset some costs 
- Received psych clearance to move forward with IVF 
- Appointment at RMA on January 29th to start testing :) 
- C completed her testing, physical, pelvic exam, transvaginal US and blood work 
- B got a hysterosalpingogram to make sure there are no blockages in her fallopian tubes 

February 2013
- B got a hysteroscopy and mock transfer to view her uterine lining and identify where to place the embryo(s), this will also determine if they can use the catheter they normally would to transfer judging on how easy it passes through the cervix 
- B got an infection/endometritis from the hysteroscopy/mock transfer, treated with IV and oral antibiotics 
- IVF nurse consult 
- C started birth control 
- B started injectable lupron and estrogen patches 
- Sperm shipped to RMA from CCB 

March 2013
- B continues injectable lupron and estrogen patches 
- C starts injectable medications/stimulation for egg retrieval 
- Sperm arrives to RMA 
B adds progesterone injections to the cocktail to help build her uterine lining for transfer 
- Egg retrieval & ICSI 
- Embryo transfer (two transferred) 
- Beta #1 - 64.8  
- Beta #2 - 125 

April 2013
- Beta #3 - 716 
- Saw gestational sac on US 



  1. HEy there! New reader here! I just found your blog through LezBmommies, and I have to say, you have a GORGEOUS family!!! I'll catching up this week! I see that you ladies used RMA. Are you in NY? Would love some new two mom families to hang out with!

    1. Awe, thanks! Your family is beautiful! We used RMA of Philadelphia.