Saturday, April 4, 2015


Reesie girl is doing great! Since the last post we have made slow progress with several things. I had to fight like hell with my daughter's pediatrician to get Reese the help she needs. We are on the waiting list to see a developmental pediatrician. Can be up to 6 months!!!! And in the mean time I am switching her pediatrician. Chris and I are not happy with the one we have. Don't get me wrong she is a fantastic doctor but just not personable enough. I feel like we went through the same thing in pregnancy (switching from MD to widwife). The practice we are looking into was recommended to us by Early Intervention. The doctors are supposedly more developmentally focused and more personal with families. Just what we need! I think we are heading towards the direction of the diagnosis of a Sensory Processing Disorder.

I also had to push a bit to get OT on board with Reese. Not so much from the outpatient theraplay but from EI. Reese now sees Speech and OT at Theraplay. EI sent out an OT consult and she will visit once more in April and we will re-assess in May with our whole EI team. Her EI special instructor is growing on me a bit. I think rather than just tell me what to do now she knows I need her to show me etc.

Speech wise she is babbling so much more! She also waves bye bye now and does "SO BIG." Yay for progress.

Another thing I guess I never realized was that Reese barely crawled as a baby. Which has now shed some light to why she may have depth perception issues along with low muscle tone in her hips and mid section. Also, not helping with her reflux. Her reflux got better for a little while so we took her off medication. But now that she is not sleeping at night it occurred to me that this might be why. So I tried Maalox last night, and she slept a little better than usual. I will approach restarting meds with the new pediatrician. But tone wise for now Chris and I will try to build her core strength with baby play sit ups and climb exercises. I think PT will be in her future but I am so not ready to start that, especially because she is ambulating fine for now.

The tantrums have become manageable and a little less frequent. We are also starting her in a daycare for socialization this Tuesday. I am so nervous how she will cope. Hell I am nervous how I will cope lol. But Chris and I think she needs it. It may even help her flourish.

Here are some pictures are recent adventures:

She obviously LOVED him!


She loves her swim class!