Thursday, February 27, 2014

Baby girl is 3 months!

Reese is growing so fast! I am falling more and more in love with her each and everyday. Everything is going way, breastfeeding and pumping is still going well. My supply is still in the excess and I am running out of room in the deep freezer lol. I go to weekly breastfeeding support group meeting now. It's nice to be surrounded by other women that breastfeed/pump etc. As far as sleep, this little girl sleeps  like a teenager! She goes to bed for the night at 9:30pm and I have to wake her up at 10:30am the next morning! One day she slept straight until 12:00pm and I had to wake her up! So now I just always wake her up at 10:30am so we can keep her on a routine with a nap etc. I returned to work Monday and it actually wasn't too terrible lol. I feel good knowing she is with mostly family and a good friend. Anyway here are a few of her 3 month photos:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby girl 11 weeks old!

Time is flying! Reese is 11 weeks old now. I go back to work in one week, ugh! I am both excited and nervous to return to work, it will definitely be an adjustment for our whole family! 

Everything has been great. Reese has blossomed into a wonderful and happy little baby girl! Breast feeding/pumping is still going pretty well. My supply has been great, but my poor nipples are so sore! I went and saw a lactation consultant today which was super duper helpful! She weighed the baby and she is 14lbs, holy cow lol! She also helped me find a better fit for when I pump. Reese has a slight upper lip tie, so we were referred to a Pediatric Dentist, that will laser it.

Great news in the sleep department! Reese sleeps at least 8 hours a night now!!! My boobs still haven't adjusted (I am working on it), so I still wake to pump. 

So for now I am enjoying this last week off from work with my baby girl. This saturday my family and I will celebrate my sister's wedding, can't wait! Reese has a pretty dress too! 

We booked photo sessions for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months… so excited! Here are a few photos I took from Valentine's day etc: