Wednesday, February 10, 2016

TTC Baby #2 @ home this summer

So after much discussion with C, we both want to try something different this time around. We loved Reciprical IVF and the whole experience but we want to try something a little more natural and more affordable. And if that doesn't work we always have that as a second or third option.

So we found 2 known donors that we like a lot, we will most likely go with our top pick as long as he is available come this June. This month I will start testing for ovulation and tracking my cycles a bit more. I started back on my prenatal vitamins as well. I will also try and lose some weight between now and go time. I didn't going into my cardiac issues in the past few months but I had to have another cardiac ablation. It was not expected and a bit scary (on my birthday). But all is well now.

Reesie cup is doing well and her Autism testing is Tuesday.  We are hoping for some answers. She is going to continue with her Early Intervention team and we are adding a behavioral therapist/wrap around services. But over all she is doing well, talking a lot more!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Reese is 2 years old! Baby number 2?

Okay so it's been a good while since I've updated. Life has been a bit hectic as I'm sure anyone can understand. Our summer flew by! In September we got to experience Disney World with Reese. It was a great trip, exhausting with a toddler but still great! Fall was filled with local festivities which are fun now that she is big enough for a lot more now. Reese turned 2 years old in November, I can't even believe it! She really is starting to look like a little girl now, where did my baby go!? 

As far as her global developmental delay goes, she is still about 8 - 10 months behind. She has pretty much every therapy under the sun at this point. She is starting to talk which is great! Her behavior and sensory issues have unfortunately gotten worse but I am hoping it's just her age and frustration from lack of communication. We are having her evaluated next week by a behavioral psychologist just in case as per OT suggestion. I am just now coming to terms with the whole thing. The developmental Pediatrician did not feel that she met the criteria for an Autism diagnosis this fall but we will see her again in March. She did say however, that she may be mildly autistic, time will tell. I read this the other day and it really is so true:

C and I are blessed with a beautiful little girl. Reese is taking us on an adventurous ride, good thing we love roller coasters!

Also, we moved out of our house in the suburbs and purchased a new build in Philadelphia! Our house will not be finished until August 2016, so we are crunched into an apartment for now. We are super excited for the move into the city. We love the area and will be super close to work. 

That being said our life is split between storage and the apartment. Reese's therapists changed. Just a whole lot of adjustment. And on top of all the craziness I still have baby fever! We are going to start trying for baby number two in the summer! I think this time around we are going to try at home with my eggs and donor sperm. We wanted to give something else a try, but would also love to do it the same way as before (reciprocal IVF). So who knows but for now I will start tracking at home and go from there.