Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hawaii here we come!

Call us crazy, yes we are traveling to Hawaii with a newborn! We leave in 9 days on December 28th and come back January 9th.

So yes this is very random. But my wife and I were talking about how we have time off together as a family. And probably won't have time like this again for a while. Plus we have been meaning to go out to visit C's brother, wife and their kids for a while now. So, what better time then now. This way they can all meet Reese. her brother is in the Army and is stationed in Hawaii.

I am excited and nervous about traveling with a 4 week old (at the time). I have my antibacterial wipes and plenty of hand sanitizer ready to go. There are still many things I will need to read about, like how to transport frozen breast milk on a plane (with lay overs) for 16 hours. As well as other tips and tricks for traveling with a newborn, what to bring and not to bring.

Here is a picture from this morning:


  1. Hawaii??!! You lucky gals you! :-) Sounds so awesome. So happy & excited for your family. Have a safe & fun trip.

  2. Oh jealous!!! But a great opportunity
    to vacation as a fam for the first time!

  3. So exciting!!!! Babies this age are really the easiest to travel with, as their needs are so simple: Eat, Poop, Sleep. All doable at 40,000 feet :)

    Good luck and have a GREAT TIME!!!

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