Wednesday, February 10, 2016

TTC Baby #2 @ home this summer

So after much discussion with C, we both want to try something different this time around. We loved Reciprical IVF and the whole experience but we want to try something a little more natural and more affordable. And if that doesn't work we always have that as a second or third option.

So we found 2 known donors that we like a lot, we will most likely go with our top pick as long as he is available come this June. This month I will start testing for ovulation and tracking my cycles a bit more. I started back on my prenatal vitamins as well. I will also try and lose some weight between now and go time. I didn't going into my cardiac issues in the past few months but I had to have another cardiac ablation. It was not expected and a bit scary (on my birthday). But all is well now.

Reesie cup is doing well and her Autism testing is Tuesday.  We are hoping for some answers. She is going to continue with her Early Intervention team and we are adding a behavioral therapist/wrap around services. But over all she is doing well, talking a lot more!