Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Heartbeat :)

WHAT A HUGE RELIEF! Our little blueberry has a beating heart, 112 beats per minute, it's crazy! I feel so blessed. I can't even describe the feeling I got when I saw the little flicker on the screen and even better when I heard it, just simply amazing. I suppose it is measuring a little small but doctor said he loves everything he sees and there is no need to worry. But is there ever going to be a worry free pregnancy... not for me! It makes me happy that the little bean has more than doubled it's size since Friday though. Also, I asked the doctor which side of my uterus the bean is on and he said right in the middle, lol! So much for trying to predict the gender! And I hate to be morbid but my chances of miscarriage now that the heartbeat is detected is 9.4% and next weeks goes down to 4.2%!

I am going in Friday for another US, so C can see too. Unfortunately our schedules have been so crazy that she has not made it to one US appointment yet! So thankfully friday she will!

Baby dust to all! So nice to see so many in blogland getting close to pregnancy!


  1. Congratulations on seeing the heartbeat... so exciting. I am sure everything is fine with your little bean!!! And I agree with you... there is never a worry free pregnancy. I am worrying about if we are pregnant or not and once I am I know I will worry about the heartbeat then the getting to the end of the first trimester and so on. But I believe all will go well with your pregnancy!!!

  2. What wonderful news. Isn't it amazing seeing that little heart flicker! Yay!

  3. So, so excited!! I am glad to see the little heartbeat for you! :)