Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today was a good day for many reasons!

First of all my day started with the announcement of DOMA and Prop 8. What amazing news! Still have to work on PA legalizing gay marriage but hey DOMA was the HUGE challenge facing my family! And since C and I were legally married in NYC we are now eligible for the same rights as any straight couple would be offered. Words can't explain the relief I feel. Because although I did not post about this, C ran into issues at work two weeks ago about covering our baby once she is born. She initially went to find out how she could take leave when the baby was born..... which they basically said she can't. What a joke. Then it was brought up about how we conceived and how the baby would be covered under C's insurance if she wasn't on the birth certificate within 30 days. The quickest we can push the adoption through would be at least 6 months. And even though this baby is genetically C's child her work only recognizes legal documents as proof. So, after we were so happy with our mid-wife we were told that we would be better off delivering in NJ. Because NJ will put C on the birth certificate right away. We decided against that. Because regardless we would still need to do the adoption to protect us in PA. But making a long story short DOMA changes everything for us.... FOR THE BETTER.

I also went to go see the high risk group today. They performed a level 1 growth scan. They measured every nook and cranny lol. It was amazing to see our little girl move all over the place. She was measuring exactly on time at 16 weeks 5 days. She is 6oz! Crazy how something so small has such definition! They measured her Nuchal  fold and said it looks perfect. They also said she has a nasal bone which trisomy 21 babies typically don't have. So that was a relief! They also said that what the quad screen test did not calculate correctly was the fact that I technically used an "egg donor" which changes a lot. It is the egg's age that plays a big role in this test. So, the plan is to re-run the test with the updated and accurate information and go from there. But for now the US tech she looks normal. AND SHE IS STILL A GIRL. So Saturday's US will just be for fun! Here are some pictures (and some are super creepy!):


  1. Phew!!! So glad it turned out okay!!

  2. So glad everything is ok!