Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Shower :)

So our baby shower was this past Sunday. It was awesome, everyone was so generous! It took us a few days to get unpacked, but we are officially unpacked and ready for Reese to get here. I just finished the newborn laundry along with towels and linens etc. We also have our bags pretty much packed for the hospital! I can't imagine going another six weeks but I suppose it's totally possible to make it to the BIG 4-0!

I had my mid wife appointment today, I gain 7lbs in 3 weeks which is concerning! She said I am very swollen. But my blood pressure has been great though, consistently 110/60. So I will continue to hydrate and stay active and see what happens. I have not been eating more... if anything I eat less and have been more active the past two weeks. So it's a bit annoying to see the numbers continue to get higher!

When we got home from our appointment we were just sitting in the nursery... so I decided to put the breast pump together and gave it a try lol. I actually produced colostrum! Not much but I was impressed! Tomorrow is our last US of Reese until she is here! I will post an update tomorrow after our appointment, I am curious to see how big she got! 

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