Monday, January 27, 2014

2 months already!

It's crazy how times flies! I realized that our bloc is now a year old, as of December 31st it was! I missed the blogiversary because I've been so busy with the little one lol. Our little Reesie cup is now 8 weeks old (2 months on the 30th)! Things are going well. Our battle for sleep is continuing! She is slowly but surely getting slightly better with the whole sleeping at night thing. The Zantac had helped her GERD a lot, thank goodness! I have started somewhat of a night routine. During the day I kind of just let her do what she wants until around 6pm.

I always time her last two feeds to be between 6:00 - 6:30pm and 9:00 - 9:30pm. She does not nap after 6pm. I will bathe her around 8:45 - 9:00pm and then give her the last feed of the night. She will figh her sleep until 10:30pm usually. And she won't go to sleep unless I rock her, which I am hoping to do away when at 3 months. But once she is down, she will sometimes sleep until 3:00am which is great for her. One night she even went until 4:00am! After her midnight feeding she will go back down for maybe another 3 hours after being awake for 45 minutes. Then she is pretty much up for the day. Every night is slightly different but I am going to keep going with this routine, in hopes that she will eventually sleep through the night. I basically always have the night shift (my wife is spoiled). But I did tell her if Reese doesn't start sleeping through the night soon that she better practice for when I am working (I work night shift). So, here is to HOPING!

Her 2 month check up is on Thursday so I am not sure what her stats are but I will update again with them. She is surely a little chunky monkey though! Breastfeeding/pumping is still going very well! I rented a hospital grade breast pump in order to alleviate the time consuming stress of pumping with the pump I have. I can now pump in 15 minutes and get the same amount of milk as I would in 30 minutes with my other pump. It's money well spent in my eyes! Plus it was my birthday gift from my family lol. I don't think $175 for three months is bad at all and I would have done it from the beginning had I known! I am taking fenugreek to help maintain my supply and I even made some lactation brownies (I have the recipe if anyone is interested)!

Reesie Mouse :)

At her first playdate/bday party

Cutie patootie in her tutuu

C and Reese, she loves her Mama!


  1. Oh! She's precious! I have no other words, except she's precious. Makes me long for the tiny moments when Punky wasn't climbing on everything and throwing 3 tantrums in ten minutes ;) LOL, enjoy her, while she's small and quiet!! I'm just happy for you both!

  2. I still need to try this recipe out!

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