Saturday, October 14, 2017

Maybe 4th time will be a charm?

Thought I should give a little update.

First off, we have now tried three times for baby #2 with no success. This time around we will try NW Cryobank and have two vials shipped to us at home. Insemination will most likely run into our vacation to Disney but luckily C is driving with friends and they are fine with our sperm in toe, haha!

Here is a picture of the new donor we choose:

Reese and I will be taking a flight to and from, just the two of us. C wasn't sure she could get off and last minute she was able to! So since our friends are going at the same time we synced our plans and they offered to drive C to save on airfare.

In the mean time Reese got her tonsils and adenoids removed on 10/11/2017. The recovery has been a rough one so far, but she is one tough cookie. Around the clock pain medication and pushing to get her to drink and eat, it's like having a newborn all over again lol. We better get used to that! The total recovery shouldn't be more than 14 days (hopefully). We leave for Disney 10/26/2017 which is 15 days post op. Fingers crossed :)!

GRAPHIC PHOTO of Reese's surgical site:

I'll post an update as we get a bit closer to insemination/Disney! 

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  1. Oooooh! Here is hoping that Disney magic and baby dust collide and #4 is the ONE!!!!! Well wishes to Reese on recovery. Poor little thing.