Tuesday, August 27, 2013

25 weeks 4 days

Nothing too new here. I found myself clothes shopping again for the princess though lol. The picture below was from a consignment shop. I also got a ton of cute clearance items from Old Navy that I didn't take pictures of, but it's all adorable :)! Today was the follow up US from the anatomy scan. They got better views today since Reese wasn't as crazy lol. Everything looked great! She was measuring right on track, 1lb 12oz! Judging by the photos we got this little peanut has my wife's nose for sure! Lol which is great because I was hoping she would :)! I tried uploading a video of my belly, Reese was kicking so hard that she moved my belly! But it won't work. Also, I have had a few follow up tests. Pneumonia is completely gone, potassium is still low. So, now I am taking a daily potassium supplement and they will follow my levels.

C's favorite is the Puma outfit lol

Totally C's nose :)!

Waving her hand :)

Creepy face shot

I remember her profile being much smaller!

Another creepy face shot!

Here is a belly shot from the other day at the dog park lol, it works as a good table

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  1. Who can resist cute itty bitty clothes? No one. Seriously cute profile shot!