Monday, May 20, 2013

Change is good

Well a lot has happened in a week's time here!

Since both C and I did not have a good feeling about our OB/GYN office we researched and asked around for advice. We both decided that the best fit for us would be a New Certified Nurse Midwife. I have heard amazing things about the woman we are going to see, and I am very excited. So I cancelled our next appointment with our OB/GYN and told them we will be going elsewhere. Our first appointment with our new CNM Patricia McCalley Sunday is on June 5th! She delivers at a catholic health system fairly local to us which I was a bit nervous about. But I did ask if there would be any issues since C and I are a same sex couple and they said not at all. C and I are both very outspoken and strong so I have no doubt in my mind that we will be just fine. Plus this is the hospital that C was born in! So now Momma and baby will both be born there :)! I also am excited to know that this CNM will push as hard as she can for a vaginal delivery with or without an epidural! All of this was a HUGE relief for me.

C's birthday is coming up on May 28th and she'll be 31! So since this we be her last baby free birthday I thought maybe we could do something special. My grandparents have a house in Vero Beach, FL so since C and I have off a few days next week (May 25th - 28th) we are going for a quick getaway. I am trying to get her to cave and fly there but she wants to drive in order to save money. The drive is 16 hours! And my preggo ass won't be much help taking turns driving because I am ALWAYS tired especially in the car and coming off nightshift. But flights are super pricey, so we shall see. But I am excited to get away to a warm beachy climate :)!

I am also so happy to announce that we scheduled our 3D/4D ultrasound with Bellyssimo, a cute place in Egg Harbor, NJ. We heard about this place through a fellow blogger (Here We Go Again). Our appointment is June 8th, I will be 14 weeks and 1 day. Which means we can get this package, "Angle of the Dangle: Just dying to know if baby is a Boy or Girl…. Come in for this 2 visit 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound Package that includes a Gender Prediction at 14/15 weeks, then come back again for a visit at 17 weeks for our Gender Determination. Recieve a 15 min Ultrasound Session and Black & White photos at each visit." It is $139 and I think so worth it! I can't wait to know what we are having! Here is how they determine if the baby is a he or she at 14 weeks,

After this ultrasound we will keep it a surprise until my mother's surprise 50th birthday party which is June 15th. We plan on getting a cake for her to cut open and reveal the gender to the rest of the family. She can't wait to know so I am sure she will love this! 

Well until next time, baby dust to all!


  1. What a beautiful idea for your mom! I know she will love it!!

    I know what you mean about "last things" before the baby is born. Our anniversary is coming up and we put it on the back burner and we are trying to figure out a mini getaway but everything is so dang expensive!

    Can't wait for you to try the 3D/4D! So exciting!

  2. Oh I'm so glad you guys think you have found a health care provider who will be a better fit for you. Such a relief I can imagine.

    Only $139 for a 3d ultrasound? That's insane! So cheap, I think here they are about $400 or something silly like that.

  3. What an amazing couple of weeks you have coming up! I love the idea of doing something special for the gender reveal. I had never heard of it when we were expecting Grace but would love to do it with #2. Happy birthday to your wifey! I hope you have so much fun on your trip. :)