Sunday, November 17, 2013

37 weeks 2 days

37 week blimp belly/table lol

I haven't updated in a week or so and in that week a lot has happened. Well, first of all I am still FULL of fluid, I gained 8lbs in 5 days last week into this week. My BP has risen but not over the 140/90 limit yet. My labs are still okay for now. But both my midwife and perinatologist want me out of work until it's time for Reese to make her arrival. Which I am actually kind of in agreement with now that I am feeling much worse. I can't imagine my 12 hour shifts anymore :(! So I am officially out of work until my leave is over. 

Speaking of leave…. since I am not at my job a year yet I was only eligible for 8 weeks of "medical discretionary leave." I didn't think they were aloud to start it until I had the baby but apparently they are. So now my time with Reese is already less than 8 weeks and could be as little as 4 weeks. IT F-ING SUCKS! I am so upset about this!

In other news (just to make my life a little more entertaining), I have a job interview tomorrow for a full time NICU position at a hospital 15 minutes from our house. This hospital also has a daycare and is the closest competition to the NICU I work in now. So who knows if they will hire a woman 9 months pregnant and wait for her to come back from leave, but hey it's worth a shot at this point. 

So anyway as far as monitoring goes I am now getting non-stress tests  and AFI's done twice a week until I deliver. My first one was on Friday and Reese failed the non-stress (most likely due to the beta blockers I am on). So we had to get a biophysical profile as well, which she past with flying colors. On top of these tests, I will be getting weekly blood work (no more 24hr urines woo hoo) and weekly visits with my midwife. That's about it for now…. C and I are so ready for this baby girl to get here. I am hoping she comes tomorrow night lol!


  1. Yay! So close now! That sucks about the leave thing-my policy is the same way which is why I'm still waddling into work every day :/ cant wait to see your next post with a baby in it :))))))

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