Saturday, November 2, 2013

Visit to L & D

Well as you can see I am a bit on the swollen side. My legs and feet aren't the only areas affected. My face is swollen (especial my eyelids) as well as my hands. My hands are so so sore. So I called my midwife and explained that I am concerned that my swelling isn't resolving with rest anymore. She wanted me to go to L & D to get a work up for preeclampsia. Good news is my blood pressure is great still (the beta blockers are certainly helping). They did blood work the only two things that came back abnormal were my potassium and albumin. They increased my potassium medicine to help with my low potassium level. As far a the albumin (otherwise protein) on my blood work it was not low enough for concern just yet. They also did a 24 hour urine collection, which means I bought myself one night in the hospital. It was the longest 24hrs ever, I got no sleep!  They hooked me up to the monitor for the night and every time me or the baby moved someone was in the room waking me up to fix the probes. The monitor showed that I was having contractions, so my midwife checked me and I am 60% effaced with no dilation. 

I did get to see Reese again on US which was nice :)! The urine results showed that I am pouring out some protein in my urine normal is no higher than 149 and my level was 293. It's not high enough for major concern yet. They also had cardiology see me to check on my heart. My EKG and ECHO were normal, thankfully. So for now I am home and doing well (aside from the damn swelling and contractions). I feel like I won't be pregnant much longer, but who knows this little girl may surprise us all and go to 40 weeks! 


  1. wow...not long to go now then! Very exciting! Glad tests all came back good.

  2. Oh my! I hope everything calms down and it's smooth sailing from here on out-not much time left!!!!