Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eviction notice :)

This past Tuesday we had another non-stress test and amniotic fluid index. Both tests went well, Reese actually passed this non-stress test without needing a biophysical profile. Today C and I went shopping and got a bunch of Christmas decorations that we needed, then we went to our last minute mid wife appointment. Thank goodness we did, because we got good news! We talked about the fact that I've been out of work with many complications, and that I officially have TOBP syndrome (tired of being pregnant) lol. I am also so tired of the four different trips I have to make weekly to see my midwife, get blood work, and get two NST/AFI's.

Soooo on to the BIG news. We set an induction date for next Friday 11/29/13 at 6:30am, woo hoo! I will be 39 weeks next Friday. She checked my cervix to make sure I do not need to come in earlier to "ripen." I was 1cm dilated and 80% effaced so I do not need to get "ripened." So no more than 9 days until Reese is on her way! I would be shocked if she came sooner but we shall see.


  1. Yay for Black Friday babies!!!! :) Good luck!!!

  2. I'm a silent lurker but I'm really excited for you guys! Happy almost baby time :)

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