Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eviction notice :)

This past Tuesday we had another non-stress test and amniotic fluid index. Both tests went well, Reese actually passed this non-stress test without needing a biophysical profile. Today C and I went shopping and got a bunch of Christmas decorations that we needed, then we went to our last minute mid wife appointment. Thank goodness we did, because we got good news! We talked about the fact that I've been out of work with many complications, and that I officially have TOBP syndrome (tired of being pregnant) lol. I am also so tired of the four different trips I have to make weekly to see my midwife, get blood work, and get two NST/AFI's.

Soooo on to the BIG news. We set an induction date for next Friday 11/29/13 at 6:30am, woo hoo! I will be 39 weeks next Friday. She checked my cervix to make sure I do not need to come in earlier to "ripen." I was 1cm dilated and 80% effaced so I do not need to get "ripened." So no more than 9 days until Reese is on her way! I would be shocked if she came sooner but we shall see.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Good news

Yikes, stretch marks galore! 37weeks 3 days (yesterday)

Heading to the non-stress test this afternoon. Also we got word from our lawyer today that C and I are BOTH deemed the legal parents of baby Reese upon her birth. I could not be happier. Now we will just sit back and continue to wait until she makes her grand entrance. C says we have a date tonight with the Wii, Dance Dance Revolution. Should be fun, NOT! Lol.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

37 weeks 2 days

37 week blimp belly/table lol

I haven't updated in a week or so and in that week a lot has happened. Well, first of all I am still FULL of fluid, I gained 8lbs in 5 days last week into this week. My BP has risen but not over the 140/90 limit yet. My labs are still okay for now. But both my midwife and perinatologist want me out of work until it's time for Reese to make her arrival. Which I am actually kind of in agreement with now that I am feeling much worse. I can't imagine my 12 hour shifts anymore :(! So I am officially out of work until my leave is over. 

Speaking of leave…. since I am not at my job a year yet I was only eligible for 8 weeks of "medical discretionary leave." I didn't think they were aloud to start it until I had the baby but apparently they are. So now my time with Reese is already less than 8 weeks and could be as little as 4 weeks. IT F-ING SUCKS! I am so upset about this!

In other news (just to make my life a little more entertaining), I have a job interview tomorrow for a full time NICU position at a hospital 15 minutes from our house. This hospital also has a daycare and is the closest competition to the NICU I work in now. So who knows if they will hire a woman 9 months pregnant and wait for her to come back from leave, but hey it's worth a shot at this point. 

So anyway as far as monitoring goes I am now getting non-stress tests  and AFI's done twice a week until I deliver. My first one was on Friday and Reese failed the non-stress (most likely due to the beta blockers I am on). So we had to get a biophysical profile as well, which she past with flying colors. On top of these tests, I will be getting weekly blood work (no more 24hr urines woo hoo) and weekly visits with my midwife. That's about it for now…. C and I are so ready for this baby girl to get here. I am hoping she comes tomorrow night lol!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

36 weeks tomorrow

Terrible picture lol

Went to my 36 week mid wife appointment. My blood pressure was 144/84. I had a gush of fluid last night so I told her about that and she did two tests and both were negative for an amnio leak (which is good). Checked me still 60% effaced no dilation (I know everyone has their opinions on weekly vaginal checks but I don't mind them). My GBS culture came back negative . She wrote me a script for blood work and a 24hr urine collection, I'll be doing this weekly until we deliver. We talked more about my urine results. She said they start to get more concerned when the protein level in my urine is above 300. And last week it was 291.5. So she said we will see what this weeks is and go from there. She said if it's above 300 they will talk about induction. So for now it's just a waiting game. This baby girl is still very happy inside of me lol.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Visit to L & D

Well as you can see I am a bit on the swollen side. My legs and feet aren't the only areas affected. My face is swollen (especial my eyelids) as well as my hands. My hands are so so sore. So I called my midwife and explained that I am concerned that my swelling isn't resolving with rest anymore. She wanted me to go to L & D to get a work up for preeclampsia. Good news is my blood pressure is great still (the beta blockers are certainly helping). They did blood work the only two things that came back abnormal were my potassium and albumin. They increased my potassium medicine to help with my low potassium level. As far a the albumin (otherwise protein) on my blood work it was not low enough for concern just yet. They also did a 24 hour urine collection, which means I bought myself one night in the hospital. It was the longest 24hrs ever, I got no sleep!  They hooked me up to the monitor for the night and every time me or the baby moved someone was in the room waking me up to fix the probes. The monitor showed that I was having contractions, so my midwife checked me and I am 60% effaced with no dilation. 

I did get to see Reese again on US which was nice :)! The urine results showed that I am pouring out some protein in my urine normal is no higher than 149 and my level was 293. It's not high enough for major concern yet. They also had cardiology see me to check on my heart. My EKG and ECHO were normal, thankfully. So for now I am home and doing well (aside from the damn swelling and contractions). I feel like I won't be pregnant much longer, but who knows this little girl may surprise us all and go to 40 weeks!