Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And this too shall pass

I'm feeling a little better. They did an US and there are blood clots and fluid in my uterus trying to get out but getting stuck. May take a few days to resolve (OUCH). So I'm taking high doses of drugs to help with the pain (Ibuprofen and Tylenol around the clock) which is taking the edge off for now. I had to take off from work tonight :(. Which sucks because I am still on orientation but they were very understanding. I am in no shape to take care of sick babies tonight.

ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THANK GOD FOR MY WONDERFUL WIFE! She has been bending over backwards to try and make me feel better!

So other than all of that chaos we had our IVF nurse consult this morning and that went very well. Once I was not hunched over in pain and able to listen I started to get super excited. And C is super excited as well. Our IVF nurse is super sweet and spent over 3 hours with us! Needless to say she addressed all of our questions/concerns. She gave us a list with seven pharmacy's to call for the best pricing for the medications we need. They did one more blood test for me to test for my CMV status and to check if I am up to date on my titters. C had her blood taken for an AMH level. So when we got home C called figured out the best way to go about getting all that we need. Since we have some medications left over from me donating eggs our medications combined will be $1080, which is cheap in IVF land. 

We basically signed away our lives today with all of the procedure paperwork etc. C had to sign over the sperm/her eggs to me which seems so strange but it is what it is lol. The sperm is all ready to be shipped so I will do that next week :).

New on the horizon is talk of doing PGD, Preimplantation genetic diagnosis. I just feel like using donor sperm and doing IVF I want to make sure genetically the embryo's are healthy (free from genetic abnormalities or trisomies). Another plus is we would know the sex for all the embryo's :). I see some crazy crazy things working in the NICU and although this is technically the unlucky 5% of babies that have genetic abnormalities I just can't imagine being in that situation myself. I also feel like it would save me the decision to "terminate" if need be in the future if god forbid something was wrong. The bad part about this is of course the expense and potential risks. Cost wise the $3,500 biopsy will be covered by insurance, but the $3,015 for genetic/sex test is out of pocket. As far as risks we could lose embryos in the biopsy process. So, C and I will discuss this further and decide by next week. Any opinions or input???

As far as a definitive time line, things have been pushed back slightly since they want to have our cycles synced for two weeks rather than one. So we are looking to do the egg retrieval, ICSI, and embryo transfer March 24-29th.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Me on the left and C on the right <3

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