Tuesday, February 5, 2013

HSG test and donor photos :)

So my hysterosalpingogram went well last week, there are no blockages in my fallopian tubes which is good news! Now we are kind of just hanging in there until C get her period. I have the mock transfer and hysterscopy on February 12th and then we have our IVF nurse consult on February 13th to order the very expensive drugs! C is due for her period around February 11th so if we are lucky we can bang out the bloodwork and US on the 13th as well. Then she will start birth control for about two weeks if those results look good. I am still on birth control just waiting to get the ball rolling :)!

Anyway here are some fun comparison photos of our donor and I. I am on the left and the donor is on the right :)

And just for even more fun, here are some cute photos of C when she was a little girl :) lol


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