Monday, February 18, 2013

Little scare...

So I thought I would be feeling much better by now but to my surprise the past few days have been the worst! My white blood cell count was 11.5 on Friday before I started the antibiotics. So Saturday I called RMA and explained the pain was worse, they told me to hang in there for 24 more hours to let the antibiotics kick in. So, I did. They wrote me a script for tylenol with codeine to take along with ibuprofen to help ease the pain. Yesterday morning after coming home from a night shift I tried to get a warm bath before my usual nap. That didn't help much and gave me the chills (fever). So I was only able to nap for about 2 hours before I woke up in excruciating back and pelvic pain! I said to myself this is ENOUGH! I went to the local ER to get check out. My WBC count was 15 this time, and normal is 4.3 - 10.8. So it was definitely elevated despite oral antibiotics. The GYN resident that saw me in the ER said it was in fact endometritis (a bad case) so they gave me another antibiotic through my IV along with strong pain medication to help ease my pain. She also said to add another week to the doxycycline antibiotic to knock this out fully. PHEW! I got discharged thankfully and I am definitely not 100% but I am feeling much better. Taking a strong pain medication since I am off from work and taking it easy today.


The good news in all of this is that this will not set any of our plans back and I should be just fine come transfer time. I took my last birth control pill today, and will take my fourth lupron injection tonight.

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