Saturday, February 9, 2013

Let the games begin!

I've never been so happy to hear my wife got her period! She and I go in the office Tuesday (Feb 12th) for blood work and US for her and mock transfer and hysteroscopy for me. Then Weds (Feb 13th) we order our IVF meds! Ironically enough we are looking to do the embryo transfer the week of the anniversary of her mother's death (March 7th will be two years) :(. I feel like that is a sign, we couldn't have planned that if we tried! 

On a side note  my wife and I tried a Unitarian Universalist church two months ago. And although we loved it I feel like we need more structure for our future children. So we found a Christian church that accepts the LGBT community. We will go tomorrow and check it out (for a potential parish for us). If we like it we may look into their baptism process etc. :)! 

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  1. Moving right along! thinking about you guys! hope all goes well!