Thursday, February 21, 2013

What a difference a day makes :)

So I am finally happy to say I feel so much better today. The secret? My wife (being an ER nurse) brought home supplies to get me hydrated. I also have to admit that I felt nauseous all the time and had not had a BM in a week so I took doculax for women and it worked. So now that I am empty and hydrated I can finally eat and walk around like less of a zombie. I have not needed any heavy duty pain medications since early yesterday morning. And so far today I only took ibuprofen and tylenol which I am due for now and don't even feel like I need it :)!

Since I've stopped the birth control pill on the 19th I am bleeding for the first time since January which may be good for my uterus to "vent" lol I can imagine it may be a little pissed off and bloated. I had a visit this morning for blood work and an US I am waiting to hear about the follow up CBC to make sure my WBC count went down (fingers crossed). The US looked good :). I received the rest of my medications today in the mail and I will start the estrogen patches saturday as long as everything looks good on my blood work. C has her next appointment for blood work and US on 02/28/13.

Here is the pharmacy we have in our kitchen lol: C's meds are the 3 to the left and mine are the three on right

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  1. Woohooo! That looks like our dining room table!!! Glad you're feeling better :)