Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Better late than never..

So here is a quick picture of me at 18 weeks (last Friday):

Also, we got some good news from our midwife today. After the quad screen was re-done completely with the CORRECT information the results were NORMAL! So, it's safe to say our little Reesie Cup does not have Down's Syndrome. Such a relief! Our next US is August 5th which will be our anatomy scan (technically I'll be 22 weeks and 3 days but they said that's fine). I also have a consult with the Perinatologist of August 6th regarding my history of A-fib/SVT. I haven't had any abnormal heart rhythms since November.... up until a few days ago. I am not sure what triggered the episode a few days ago but it was just as bad as the one in November. But my cardiologist swears it's harmless.... the symptoms just suck (dizzy, headache, palpitations etc). So, who knows what they will say. I would rather stay off medication and experience "episodes" every now and then, rather than expose Reese to the beta blockers. 

Anywho, I have been reading all the blogs I follow. It's so awesome to read everyone's progress in the TTC, pregnancy and parenthood journeys :)!


  1. Great news about your little Reese!!!! I can't wait for our anatomy scan which is in August and I will be 20 weeks and 4 days because they did not have any appointments sooner. I can't wait to find out what this little peanut is!!!

  2. Hurray for normal results!

  3. Great news regarding the quad screen. It must be such a relief.

  4. Can't believe you are already 18 weeks! Wow! Time is just flying past us! You look great! :)