Monday, July 22, 2013

Cardiology appointment

Well today confirmed what I have been feeling for two weeks now. They did an Electrocardiogram to see if my heart was in a normal rhythm. And it was not. My resting heart rate was 120 beats per minute which is double what it would normally be. I was also in atrial fibrillation. Here is a good comparison between normal and my heart.

Luckily I believe that the abnormal rhythm comes and goes on it's on. And the rhythm itself is not harmful to me or the baby. It's the side effects that become the problem. Which explains the shortness of breath and dizziness I have been feeling. So, the plan now is to go on a pregnancy category B beta blocker to control my heart rate, which would in turn control the abnormal rhythm (hopefully). Also, after we get back from vacation I will need to wear a monitor for a week which will tell the doctor whether or not I am staying in the rhythm or coming in and out of it. If I am staying in the rhythm they will need to put me on a blood thinner and do a procedure called cardioversion. Which basically shocks my heart into a normal rhythm. If I am going in and out of the rhythm (which I think I am) we will try to control it with medication. 

So, all in all it's good to get some answers. I will start the medication tomorrow and hopefully this helps. I am also hoping my midwife doesn't freak out and say she can't be my OB anymore (that would devastate me).


  1. Glad you got answers. I know everything will be a-OK!

  2. Hello There! I also nominated your Blog for a Liebster Award! Check out my most recent post for more information about your nomination. I really enjoy reading your blog. Try to relax and enjoy your vacation...I'm sure everything will work out with your midwife :)