Wednesday, July 17, 2013

TMI time...

Well everything around here has been pretty good. I am starting to feel like I am hitting another slow point in the pregnancy, I think because I am so antsy to reach that 24 week mark. But Reese is still in there and still growing stronger with those little kicks and flips. C actually got to feel some movement last night. We also listened to her with the doppler and she was moving around all over the place. My belly is definitely getting bigger. We have been so busy and forgot to do our 19 week board but will definitely do one for the half way mark this Friday!

New on the horizon is more frequent dizzy spells, most likely related to hydration! I need to be more vigilant with my water intake! Also.... this may be TMI but I have been getting really nervous when it comes to the sex topic. I want it more often for sure this trimester but afterwards I get so scared that my uterus is going to contract and that I'll go into premature labor! I know I am worrying too much, but my uterus dose feel tight after sex for a little while and it just makes me nervous.

Anyway C and I got some cute little onesies for Reese:

Also, we are getting ready to go on vacation next Friday! I can not wait to go shopping for more baby clothes down the shore :). I also can't wait to be in Wildwood for a whole week! We rented a house with my sister and her boyfriend. It will be a nice little get away. Of course I won't being enjoying the rides or alcohol but as long as my preggo ass gets to go to the water park I am all good! I like the beach but you can only get so much sand in every crevice before you call it quits lol. One thing that stinks is having to leave behind our fur babies. I took Bowie, our dog, to the vet today for a wellness check up and two shots. This way he will be all set for when we board him. He loves his daycare so I know he will be in good hands. And the cat is so easy, we fill up two self feeders and fill up the big water fountain we have for the both of them and he is set for a whole week. One thing that sucks for the cat is that he likes to go outside. But unfortunately for the week he will need to stay indoors only.

My big boy is 2yrs8m and 97lbs!

Well until next time, I hope all is well in blog land! I recently found out the is a fellow blogger couple that lives close to us, that's always exciting to know that you're not alone in this process :)!

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  1. LOVE the onesies!

    BTW I felt the exact same way you did about sex. I finally got over my fear and I wish I would have done it sooner. Its natural for us to worry, I mean look at how long it took us to get where we are at :)