Friday, January 18, 2013

Ovaries or golf balls?

Hi there everyone! So yesterday my blood work and US went well, they saw 16 follicles that are all growing. They kept my medication regimen the same for last night, 3 vials of Menopur, 112.5 units of Gonal-f, and 1 Cetrotide injection. They asked me to come back in this morning (which I did). The blood work results are not in yet but the US shows 16 large follicles. The nurse practitioner told me that considering my US findings the egg retrieval will be Sunday or Monday.

They will call me this afternoon to let me know whether or not to continue with the same medication regimen tonight or whether I should take the "trigger shot." The Pregnyl or "trigger shot" is given at exactly 36 hours before the egg retrieval. I can't believe I am this close to the egg retrieval. I am so excited, not only for me but for the couple I am donating to!

On a side note..... these hormones are NO joke! I am extremely emotional lol. For example, yesterday I missed my train home from work and I cried...... REAL TEARS! Normally I am not that sensitive! Also my ovaries feel more like golf balls these days. I am super bloated and sore (in that area as well as internally). My poor belly has small bruises all over :(. But it is all worth it, because I am giving a family the gift of a child or children :)!

I will post tonight about whether or not I have to take Pregnyl tonight or not.

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