Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ohhhh January!

So tomorrow is the appointment with Dr. Andrea Braverman, she is the psychologist that will clear my partner and I for our IVF journey. She is the same doctor who cleared me for egg donation, so I have met her and she is a very nice woman. I am excited for this to finally be here. Once this is over with my wife, C can start her testing and work ups.

Ironically enough I am currently going through all that C will endure during our IVF journey since I am donating eggs. I am currently on birth control to regulate my cycle and match it up to the gestational carrier for the Gay couple that I am donating to. I have an appointment on Monday (Jan. 7) for blood work, if the results are good I will go off of birth control. Then I will go back for blood work on January 11th. Depending on the blood results from that day I will start the injectable medications that day. Once I start the injectable hormones I will need to go get blood work every morning until they determine when egg retrieval will take place. Tentatively egg retrieval with take place between January 21 -24, 2013. 

January is such a big month for us this year! I start my new job at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's N/IICU on Monday January 7, 2013. I am super excited about that considering I have been a nurse for 18 months and finally landed an acute care job and even better MY DREAM JOB. I will miss my pediatric home care job but this new job is definitely the right move for my partner and I. She is working as an ER nurse in a local ER. We are also looking at Family Nurse Practitioner Programs for her to start as early as the summer of 2013. I am so glad she is motivated to go back again.... after getting our BSN I am so done with school HAHA! January 12th we will meet with a LGBT Lawyer, Angela Giampolo to discuss our plans for creating a family. She will give us recommendations on the birthing process for Lesbian Mothers as well as legal advise regarding second parent adoption and laws in PA. One more exciting thing about January is my birthday, I'll be 24 on January 25th :)!

Maybe it's just the birth control talking but I really want a baby... like now lol! I feel like I am nesting... I have been cleaning like a crazy person and we finally emptied our guest room which will be a future nursery. This whole process has been the only thing on my mind recently. I hope my new job will distract me a bit!

Here is a few pictures of our yellow lab Bowie and black cat Melvin:

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