Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beta #2

Okay so today's beta HCG was, 125. Which is my favorite number :)!

I feel like time is passing so slowly these days! I guess it's my nerves kicking in hoping I make it passed the first 13 weeks without miscarrying. I should probably be more optimistic but I can't help it!

So anyway our first US can't come soon enough, I am so curios to see if it's one or two babies. I am leaning towards one since my beta wasn't sky high, but who knows. Our first US is Thursday, which will just show the gestational sac and how many are in there. I downloaded this pregnancy app on my phone and the baby or babies now went from a poppyseed to an orange seed! So weird lol.

Well, today is a beautiful day where I live so I am going to take our doggie for a long walk on a nearby trail :)


  1. We had an ultrasound at 5 weeks, and it didnt show anything but a gestational sac - so disheartening. I shall hope for a much more visible something in there for you. Its normal to be so worried, I will think nothing bust positive thoughts for you :)

    1. They will just be looking for a gestational sac which I am totally fine with I'll take whatever I can get :)! Thanks