Sunday, March 10, 2013

Olympic Relay vs E2; Who is responsible?

C writing...

Hey guys,

I have not had a chance to write yet and update you all on my perspective of the events.  I know B has been keeping you all up to date as much as possible.

I'm not quite sure if my mood lately is due to the medication and hormone levels or merely the excitement I'm feeling regarding this journey.  For my part, I envision B and I in a two person olympic relay in which I have the first leg and am about to hand the baton over to her to finish.

While I've been going to our RE office every 3 days, it has increased to every other day over the past week as my stim progresses.  This usually involved about 20-25min for blood draw and transvaginal US.

The first US I had was about 6 weeks ago and I remember feeling slightly uncomfortable (as most women do with a new physician for this type of exam).  As the weeks have gone by, and US done so regularly, I'm at the point where I am making jokes and having conversations with the docs & NP's about what the rest of the day entails for each of us.  It's totally coffee talk at this point.

In addition, 3 days ago I was told my E2 level was in the 800's.  I had it drawn yesterday but forgot to ask for the number.  I'll have it checked again tomorrow-- just for shits and giggles, I'm gonna ask what it is.  I had a friend ask me (who is very well aware of the differences between B and my personality) if I noticed that I was emotional or if I've noticed any other mood swings as my E2 level has risen.  After giving it some thought I realized that I am no more emotional now than I usually am (which for you that do not really know me--i'm not that emotional).  What I do happen to notice as a change--is that I am laughing at my own jokes quite a bit more.  In fact, I find myself downright hysterical lately!

I mean, just because B doesn't laugh nearly as much as she should at my jokes---doesn't mean there not hilarious!  Deep down inside, she knows I'm the funny one ;)

Anyway, enough about our personality differences.  What I'm getting at is that I'm not really sure if me finding myself much more hysterical than usual is related to my hormone changes or if it merely me getting excited at our baton hand off.  Regardless of the reason, I know this easter bunny is coming with all the eggs!!  So B is getting ready for my baton handoff and I'm sure she will fill you in on her perspective after our next appointment tomorrow.

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  1. Hi there! I just came across your blog while visiting Looking For Cristina Lei and wanted to send some positive vibes your way in your baby making adventure!

    I look forward to following. :)