Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Update/Boudoir Photos

All is going well here... I am up to four patches of estrogen and still taking the daily 10 units of lupron. My doctors appointment went very well yesterday. The doctor repeatedly complemented my uterus lol. He said that it looked perfect for making the babies stick, and that's what I wanted to hear! So basically I am all set and now in whats called a "holding pattern" until C is closer to retrieval.

C had her bloodwork and US this morning. They counted about 18 premature follicles from both ovaries which is very good :). Tonight she had her fourth set of injections. They have her staying with the two vials of Menopur and 150 units of Gonal-F. Her next appointment is Friday.

Lately, all I have on my mind is "baby makin." Literally, I say the strangest things.... meaning to say something else. For instance last night C brought some Oreos to bed for a snack and I said, "Damn, do you have enough Ovaries?" WHAT!? Lol C just busted out laughing and so did I... what was I thinking? Then I had a dream we were at our first ultrasound and saw two sacs... then they moved over and saw three more! I went from super happy to dreadfully scared, in my dream that is. I think I am a wee bit nervous of anymore than two... would you think?

C and I are still super excited and very giddy lately. We were slightly inappropriate today in the doctor's office lol. Her and I joke about who will win at the "egg producing game." Since I got 24 eggs when I donated... I made a bet that she won't beat me. We are super competitive. The prize...... whoever wins gets a good night in bed how ever they want it lol. AGAIN inappropriate but funny. You need humor in this process or you'll lose your mind! Plus we both know it doesn't matter how many she gets, that is not going to change our plans (assuming she gets at least two good blasts).

ALSO, I am happy to report that C caved in and we bought a KING bed!!!! It arrives on Friday, perfect timing.... before my pregnancy :)!!!!

Here are some of the more appropriate images from my Boudoir session: