Friday, March 15, 2013

Handing over the baton :)

So, as you know, C described that she views this whole process as a two person olympic relay. And today she passed the baton! This morning was egg retrieval. Things started off rocky but got better as the process progressed. C is a very hard stick for an IV so it took the bitchy CRNA three tries to get it. C and I both were a little upset that the CRNA was not very nice. But other than that the retrieval went very well, we got a total of 16 eggs. They will do ICSI later today and give us a phone call tomorrow to let us know how fertilization went.

Just for shits and giggles C took a pregnancy test. Since she took her HCG shot the other day, it was positive lol! Officially her only positive pregnancy test ever :)!

Here is a picture and video from this morning :)
C ready to go!

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  1. Holy crap y'all are so close now! Hope those little babies grow like crazy! Can't wait to hear the report!!