Thursday, March 14, 2013

Surrounded by eggs!

So you're probably wondering what the title actually means. Well as you all know I work in a Neonatal ICU, we decorate and go all out for every holiday. EASTER INCLUDED. Every where I look there are eggs! And although these plastic eggs/decorations mean nothing to our IVF journey I can't help but correlate the two. Every time I lay my eyes on eggs I immediate think of egg retrieval!!!

C and I went to see "OZ" in 3D over the weekend and we grabbed snacks for the movie. I got Reese's Peices.... They were the Easter edition, shaped like eggs!!! Okay so I get it, EASTER is around the corner but still lol!

ANYWAY, C took half of the trigger shot last night because her estrogen level was 5,400!!! Considering mine is nearly 3,000 there is a whole lot of estrogen in our house!! Surprisingly I am the mushy one (well not too surprisingly lol). C is a trooper, she has done much better with the injections than I expected! She even gave her last two days of medications herself!! So, the BIG DAY is tomorrow morning at 8:00AM. Excitement doesn't even begin to describe how super excited me are!!! Wish us luck, and stay tuned for an update, post retrieval.


  1. Good luck :). Hope u get lots of lovely eggs and I hope they fertilise and grow beautifully.

  2. Good Luck!!! Sending good vibes your way!

  3. Woohooo! That flew by! Hoping everything goes well and you're surrounded by even more eggs!!!!!

  4. Good luck! I look for signs wherever I can find them, and I would definitely count the eggs.