Saturday, March 16, 2013

Results on in... well so far.

So out of 16 eggs retrieved yesterday, 15 eggs were mature. They did ICSI with all 15 mature eggs. This morning they called me to give me the embryo report. Out of the 15 eggs 6 eggs fertilized successfully. So far they look good. They will call me again tomorrow to give me an update. They said that they should be 2 - 4 cells tomorrow and they should be able to predict whether or not they can do a three or five days transfer. FIngers crossed for a five day transfer!

I'll be very honest, C and I are a little bummed with the results. I think we expected a few more than 6 eggs. I am just hoping that the 6 embryos we have stay strong and grow normally.

On a side note, ANOTHER SIGN CAME MY WAY. My cousin's grandmother saw me this morning (since I am babysitting my cousin's baby). She said to me, "You were in my dream the other night. You know how you were the ID badge that clips on your shirt?" And I replied, "Yes?" Then she said, "Well in my dream you had a really big ID badge across your belly that said OCCUPIED!" :)

Let's hope our embryo's stick to the development chart :)


  1. A cliche but one is all it takes! I would be disappointed too but 6 eggs is a good number to play with. FC they continue to do their thing!

  2. Don't be disappointed! Six is good. Plus, look at it this way, you want the cream of the crop! I hope all goes well this week.


  3. Six is good! It's better that a few good ones identify themselves now than having mediocre ones give up when they meet your uterus.

    And I think that dream is a very good sign!